Friday, January 15, 2016

Do I personally think it is a good time to buy? Yes, and I just did myself again...

I get asked pretty frequently "is now a good time to buy a home?" As a Realtor I feel this is a bit of a loaded question, because everyone's personal and financial situation, what neighborhood we are talking about, price range, and other factors will play a large role in determining if and when is the right time for that person or family to buy a house...but very generally yes, I do think now is an opportune time to buy a home in Sacramento. Prices are increasing slowly and steadily (aka, sustainably, with no large spikes one way or another), interest rates are good (right now in the low 4% range), and the economy seems to be back on track in the Sacramento region.

So given all that, my husband and I just purchased a home in the summer of 2014. That purchase was a fixer property that we spent some time and effort remodeling. It was never intended to be a home we would live in long-term.

This last summer, we got the itch again and started looking to purchase either an investment property or another home for ourselves. We were lucky to find a great home that is a much better fit for our needs, also located in the Arden area. This home is a little dated cosmetically but we will add our own personal touches over time. It's a bit more space, with larger yard now that we have our dog Citra, and a better neighborhood. We will be turning our current home into a rental.

I am not a fan of moving, so after suffering through this next move, I think this is a home we will probably stay in a little while and our future purchases will likely be investment properties.

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