Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Final Blog Post of 2008...

This is likely my last blog post of 2008. I am sitting in terminal A15 at Sacramento International Airport, waiting for my flight...I had no idea that there is free WiFi in the airport! I am heading to Phoenix to ring in the new year with my best friend since the 7th grade. She is attending Medical School there, and I have not seen her in 2 years since she basically lives and breathes medical school. I am VERY excited.

Over the last couple days, I have been doing a lot of reflection on 2008 - from both a personal perspective and a business perspective.

In 2008, I personally:

  • turned 30 years old
  • recovered from a bad car accident at the end of 2007 (still working on that one)
  • perfected my fly fishing casting technique
  • made several new friends
  • became an active member of the Junior League of Sacramento (was a provisional member in 2007)
  • watched my SF Giants get their butts kicked, but on a bright note saw Tim Lincecum win the NL Cy Young award, and a hometown boy Dustin Pedroia win the AL MVP
  • watched my alma mater, Casa Roble High School, win its Section in football, and watched another local team, Grant High School win state
  • started doing a weekly radio show
  • spent more time with my mom
  • starting having weekly dinners with my brother and dad
A great year from a personal perspective!
In 2008, in business I:
  • qualified for the Sacramento Association of Realtors "Master's Club" again - and met the requirement for the entire year by the mid-June
  • qualified as a Lyon Real Estate "Senior Executive Associate" based on my production
  • as of the end of November, I was ranked #48 in my entire company (out of something like 900 agents)...not sure what my final ranking will be just yet
  • Was the #1 Listing Agent of the Month in my office of +/- 100 agents three separate times
  • successfully negotiated and closed 5 short sale listings, and have written lender approval for others that will close in 2009
  • 53.74% of my earnings, and 14 closed real estate transactions resulted from my internet presence (someone finding me online via google, one of my websites, my blog, etc.)
  • 33.77% of my earnings, and 10 closed transactions resulted from referrals
  • submitted my application to take my Department of Real Estate broker exam
  • was quoted for different media articles regarding real estate
  • attended SAR's 100th Anniversary celebration
  • graduated from the first SAR "Leadership Development Series"
  • was a speaker at SAR on numerous "top producer" panels
  • helped raise almost $6,000 for charitable causes through different SAR fundraisers
  • was appointed as the Vice Chair of the SAR "Young Professionals Council" for 2009
A great year in business too! I am excited to see what 2009 brings! Happy new year everyone!

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Robert said...

Likewise! this is my last comment of 2008! Wish you and your loved ones very happy and prosperous new year!