Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is Erin Attardi Sacramento's Short Sale Specialist?

I think I just might be! 2008 proved to be the year of the short sale for me. I successfully negotiated several of these, and most of my current listings are also short sales...and you know what - I am pretty good at getting these closed. I usually try to shy away from self-congratulatory blogging... but yes I am tooting my own horn!

Other agents are coming to me for advice for their short sales. Other agents are referring their clients to me to negotiate their short sales. I was interviewed for a book about short sales. I have been interviewed by media outlets regarding short sales.

So what shall I call myself?

Erin Attardi, Short Sale Specialist
Erin Attardi, Short Sale Expert
Erin Attardi, Short Sale Master
Erin Attardi, Short Sale Guru ... nah ...none of these seem to work for me.

Erin Attardi, Sacramento Short Sale Samurai - hmm...that one may grow on me! lol

I wonder just how many short sales 2009 will bring?

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Short Sale said...

I myself am a Short Sale Samurai. Ha ha ha... Sounds like you have a great niche in your local market. I love the post! Good luck.