Friday, December 16, 2022

Erin, what are the best schools in the Sacramento area?

Erin, what are the best schools in the Sacramento area? I get this question often from my buyer clients, and it is not a question I can answer -- and neither should any other realtors. Our opinion does not matter. For one, there are several ways to measure school performance by things like test scores, teacher/student ratios, attendance, or other things. What may be acceptable for me may not live up to your standards, or vice versa. Additionally, realtors cannot "steer" clients to one area over another. So -- the remedy when buyer clients ask me about school quality is to provide them with 3rd party data. I recently started using a tool that generates really nice and easy-to-read reports. I can run a report for different zip codes to illustrate a 10,000-foot view of schools in certain areas, and then drill down with reports school by school that provide more detailed information. These are quick and easy for me to if you have questions about particular schools in the greater Sacramento area, drop me a message and I can connect you with more information.

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