Friday, September 30, 2022

Dumb things home flippers do...

Usually when a home inspectors taps me on the shoulder during a home inspection and says "Hey come here and check this out" it is not to show me something good. 

This week, at a home in Colonial Village that one of my buyers is in contract to purchase, the home inspector pulled us to the side of the house to show us this...that is the brand new mini-split heating and air unit that is not connected to power...because as it turns out the main panel is so old that it cannot be connected! I do not often see 60-amp fuse panels like this powering the entire house! And the seller/flipper's contractor just left it unconnected and did not let anyone know.

Fast forward a few days and after my go-to electrical contractor visited the house to assess things, a +/- $5,500 bid to replace the main panel and correct the shoddy work...the seller agreed to a massive request for repairs to correct this and lots of other stuff. 

DO. NOT. SKIP. INSPECTIONS. No matter how pretty the house looks.

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