Thursday, November 18, 2021

Out with the old, and in with the new...

In 2021 I became a real estate cliche: my professional headshot turned 10 years old. It is a little bit of a joke amongst realtors that many of us tend to use SUPER old photos of ourselves. I am not one to plaster my headshot all over everything, but, umm, my old image was taken when I was 33. Well, I am now 43. And while I am still really young by realtor standards despite my 16+ years in the business, a lot happens in a decade.

So I am 10 years older now. I still think I look like my younger self, but I don't need to live in my younger, less-wrinkled, blonde highlighted days. I mean I do want my new clients to recognize me the first time we meet!

I hate having my picture here's to hoping this one takes me into my 50's. And I am sure by then I will have more wrinkles and at least a touch of gray. LOL

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