Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Temporary paper window shades are a great way to keep your vacant Sacramento home secure...

If you have a vacant property listing and want to take extra steps to try to keep it secure, temporary paper window shades can be a great aid. They are inexpensive -- a box of 6 is about $20 at Home Depot and a lot cheaper than installing mini-blinds or curtains. They look decent and much better than other cheap solutions like trying to hang sheets or taping newspaper over the windows. They are translucent and still allow natural light to enter the house. They are easy to install with an adhesive strip that sticks to the window or the window frame, and they can be cut with regular scissors into different sizes. Best of all, they prevent folks from looking inside to see that a house is vacant. I highly recommend using these...since break-ins and other crime can occur in any Sacramento neighborhood no matter how nice or safe you think the area is. They work great on occupied homes too! I can even install them for you. =)

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