Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where exactly have I been? Well a few Saturdays ago I was at McKinley Park in the Rose Garden...

Where have I been lately? Well, a few weeks ago, in front of our closest family and friends at the McKinley Park Rose Garden, my boyfriend Greg and I got married. Thankfully since our ceremony and reception were outdoors, it was a cool 90 degrees that day and not 107 as it had been just days before. We followed up the wedding with a small reception in the adjacent picnic area catered by Chando's Tacos and cupcakes by Freeport Bakery. Then we made our way on our tandem bicycle with several friends to DeVere's and a few other neat destinations, before concluding the festivities at the Citizen Hotel. It was a truly amazing day.

Greg and I initially crossed paths about 6 years ago when he was the Director of Finance & Operations on staff at the Sacramento Association of Realtors (he has since moved on to better things and has taken on a bigger role at the California District Attorneys Association). At that time, I was a Realtor volunteer on several committees there, and while I knew who he was, I didn't interact with him on a regular basis. Then in 2010 I was elected Treasurer of the SAR Masters Club...As I got to know him better, let's say that I found lots of excuses to need to review the financial reports. He finally asked me out that summer and we haven't looked back!

So it's been an eventful month! On top of tying the knot, and going on a post-wedding "family-moon" (Greg's 14-year old son and his friend were in tow), it was literally the busiest month I have ever had, and I closed 7 transactions in July, and transaction #8 may close next week before the month is officially over. And new listings and buyers in contract too. I'd make a joke that I should get married more often, but Greg will be my partner for life, and I couldn't be happier about it.

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