Monday, December 3, 2018

Completed my 5th California International Marathon yesterday...

After I enrolled in graduate school in fall of 2015, I ended up taking a little running hiatus since my masters degree required quite a bit of time in class, reading, researching, and writing...something had to give, and since I was not going to sacrifice time with my family, and not going to slow down in real estate -- exercise was what I ended up sacrificing. 

Running long distances takes a lot of time, physical endurance, mental fortitude, and dedication. And I am not a fast runner. But after graduation in May this year, after not really running for a few years, I dove back in. My finish of the California International Marathon (26.2 miles, running from Folsom to the state capitol in downtown Sacramento) this year was by no means anywhere near a personal best, but I finished it under the time cut-off (and with a faster time than my very first marathon finish at that)! 

I am very much looking forward to continuing to carve out time for my endurance sports as we approach spring and summer! In early 2015 before graduate school started I completed two 50k runs (31.07 miles). So we shall see how wild and crazy I decide to get now that I have my free time back. LOL

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