Sunday, February 8, 2015

I finished a 50k run! I am officially an "Ultra Runner" now...

In my never-ending quest to make sure that my shoes never fit and that my feet never look good in sandals again, I finished my first ultra run this weekend: a 50k! A 50k is approximately 31.07 miles, which is about 5 miles longer than a marathon. Why on earth did I do this? Honestly, I finally caved to peer pressure from my hard core running friends. I have completed several marathons, and they all would joke around and say "oh, it's only 5 more miles!" Whatever. I caved. I participated in the "Jed Smith 50k" which is an annual event by Sacramento's own local Buffalo Chips Running Club. For added fun, my husband also completed it, albeit a little faster than I did. This race was a nice flat local course along the American River Parkway, starting at the La Riviera access and doing a circular loop over by the Sacramento State campus and back. My next big run is another 50k, coming up in May. That one is in Almaden Quicksilver Park in San Jose, and the terrain is mountainous. Yikes!

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