Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lady Bird - Greta Gerwig's love letter to Sacramento (and did you notice she visited a Dunnigan Realtors open house!?)...

I have seen the movie Lady Bird twice...and not only is it a great movie, it paints a lovely portrait of Sacramento. What Sacramentan doesn't love the Fabulous 40's neighborhood? The McKinley Park Rose Garden? The Tower Theater? Gunthers Ice Cream? The Raven? You know you love the dirty bird. I could go on...

I am a little older than the Lady Bird character, who was a senior in high school in 2002 (I graduated in 1996), but I can totally relate to wanting to get out of Sacramento at that age. 

I didn't, and ended up attending California State University, Sacramento and graduated in 2001. I left Sacramento as soon as I graduated from college though, and moved to San Jose, CA for exactly one year (a 12-month lease where I rented a 10x10 room in a house for $800/month...I hated it there) before moving back as quickly as I could in late 2002. Thankfully my employer at that time allowed me to telecommute from my Sacramento home. I obtained my real estate license a couple years later and the rest is history. And Sacramento has grown up a lot in that time. Candidly, I love it here.

One scene in Lady Bird that caught me completely off guard is that they visit a Dunnigan Realtors open house! I loved that. So cool and unexpected. 

It was also cool to watch the Golden Globes this evening, see Lady Bird win Best Musical/Comedy, Saoirse Ronan win Best Actress Musical/Comedy, and to hear Greta Gerwig thank Sacramento for giving her wings was the icing on the cake.

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