Monday, July 30, 2012

Those bricks look thirsty and in need of a good watering...?

Between my work with both buyers and sellers, I see a lot of properties each week. Being a good Realtor involves previewing listings to stay on top of what is on the market so I know what is available to my buyers, and what sales will be relevant comps for my I show lots of properties to buyer clients in all types of price ranges all over the Sacramento area. So in any given day, week or month, I tour numerous homes.

This weekend, I was showing a bank repo house listed in Orangevale to an investor client and came across this poorly rigged sprinkler concept. Why on earth would anyone want to run PVC pipe this way and have sprinklers set-up so close to the house, and so far from the vegetation it was probably intended to water? I think digging a trench in the ground in front of where the water spigot was located and running the PVC pipe there makes way more sense. But no...not to the previous homeowner apparently!

I come across all kinds of poor do-it-yourself type work in properties I show ALL THE TIME. I am quick to point these goofy things out to my clients... What were you thinking, previous homeowner? So I have decided that in addition to my recurring "Unique Stuff in Other People's Homes" posts that I do, I will also post photos like these under the clever lablel "What were you thinking?"

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