Monday, June 4, 2012

Doing a Sacramento-area short sale with Homeward Residential (formerly AHMSI / American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc)? Here is what you need...'s not a secret that I do A LOT of short sale transactions in the Sacramento area...and I have done several with American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc (aka, AHMSI, and recently re-branded "Homeward Residential"). Their negotiation process generally (and of course, relatively speaking) on the more "straight-forward" side, and their loss mitigation negotiators seem to be on top of their game and different short sale programs. So if you are looking to do a short sale on your Sacramento-area home and have a mortgage with Homeward Residential / AHMSI, here is a list of the documentation you need to gather as you get ready to list your home with a Realtor;

Homeward Residential / AHMSI
Loss Mitigation / Short Sale Tel: 877-304-3100
Seller's Documents Generally Required for a Short Sale:
-3rd Party Authorization Letter
-Last 2 months of bank statements
-Last 2 months of pay stubs
-Unemployment stubs and award letter (if applicable)
-Most recent 6-months Profit & Loss Statement (ONLY if self-employed)
-Last year's federal tax return
-Evidence of SSI, Pension, Disability Benefits (if applicable)
-Copy of most recent property tax bill (can be obtained online if you don't have it)
-Rental Lease (ONLY if investment property)
-IRS 4506-T

I welcome your call  or email if you have any questions regarding an Homeward Residential short sale in the Sacramento area.

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Jennifer Banks said...

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