Monday, March 5, 2012

Doing a short sale with Chase? Here is what you need to gather...'s not a secret that I do A LOT of short sale transactions in the Sacramento area...and many of them lately have been with Chase. I like Chase's short sale process. It's pretty predictable and their loss mitigation negotiators seem to be on top of their game and different short sale programs. So if you are looking to do a short sale on your Sacramento-area home and have a mortgage with Chase, here is a list of the documentation you need to gather as you get ready to list your home with a Realtor;

-Last 2 paystubs or other proof of income
-Most recent bank statement
-If self-employed, your profit and loss statement
-If self-employed, last 4 months of bank statements
-Most recent tax return
-A recent utility bill in your name showing the property address
-Rental Lease Agreement if the property is occupied by tenants
-Chase Request for Consideration of Short Sale Form
-3rd party authorization letter (allows your Realtor to speak to Chase on your behalf)
-Hardship Letter
-IRS 4506-T

I welcome your call if you have any questions regarding a Chase short sale.

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