Friday, January 14, 2011

Unique Decor in this Natomas home for sale...

Well sure enough, a few days ago while I was out showing property to some Natomas buyer clients, I came across this 'unique' home decor. I can appreciate the whole DIY (do-it-yourself) paint job, but this was pretty horrendous. The entire bathroom was painted in camouflage - the vanity, the drawers, the light switch cover, all of the trim mouldings, the door, etc. In fact, the entire house had unique decor...there was a full wall mural of a 'Monopoly' game board in the loft area, a hot-air balloon themed room, a jungle-themed bathroom with textured bamboo wallpaper, etc.

This particular property was a bank's been on the market for about 2 months. I encourage any bank foreclosure asset manager to slap a fresh coat of white paint over this stuff. Neutral is good when selling a home...overall the layout of the house wasn't too bad, location was good, curb appeal was good, but UGH - it is so hard to see past this sort of stuff when looking for a home!

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