Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back home in Sacramento...even Realtors need a vacation!

Realtors joke around that one way to get busy is to go on vacation! Well I was already busy, and of course still had my cell phone and laptop within reach just in case of a transaction emergency. Luckily I did not have to fight any fires until today when one of my short sales experienced a crazy hiccup - but that is an entirely different blog post for another time!

Well if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will know that I just returned this evening from a week away. I went on a fly fishing trip to the Provo River in Utah! My husband and I take a fishing trip every year on our anniversary...past anniversaries have included fishing on the Trinity River in Northern California, the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, the Deschutes River in Oregon, the Puget Sound in Washington, the Columbia River in Oregon...we wanted to try a different state this year.

Neither one of us had ever been to Utah. What a gorgeous state! We stayed in a small hotel in Midway, UT (which shall remain nameless because it was nice, but roach and spider infested!!), which is about 20 miles from Park City, UT where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. We hiked into different parts of the Provo River with a professional fly fishing guide two different days. The weather was unseasonably cool - mid-80's and cloudy, and it made for some great fishing! Our guide told us there are about 3,000 fish per mile in the Provo River! Over two days, we caught around 60 fish.

On the days we were not fishing, we tripped around Utah. We heard from some locals that Moose were native to the Wasatch Mountains - so we took a loooong drive through the mountains hoping to see one. We saw a few deer and some huge birds of prey, but alas no Moose.
Anyway...back to the grind tomorrow. I have a new listing in Land Park that hits the market tomorrow, short sales to negotiate, and about a million other things to catch up on.

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