Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back Home!

My hubby and I just returned from our anniversary trip to St. Helens, OR. For anyone not familiar with Oregon, St. Helens is about 30 minutes west of Portland. We stayed in a great B&B called The Seawright House - they only take one guest at a time. We also took a guided fishing trip on the Columbia River.

We were fishing for Sturgeon, and it is illegal to keep a Sturgeon that is shorter than 42" or longer than 60". I caught two under-sized fish. My husband on the other hand, caught an 8-foot, 400lb Sturgeon!!! He fought that fish for about 30 minutes. That fish swam frantically under the boat, around the boat, and way out about 100 feet. We knew it had to be a large one, but we had no idea just how large. When it went away from the boat, it jumped completely out of the water - it looked like a friggin' great white shart or something! It was as big around as a trash can! Finally Nick got it up close to the boat. The photo just really do not do that Sturgeon justice - you can only see it's white belly, and the rest of its body is not that visible. Take note of the guide's hand in that thing's mouth - that might give ya'll some perspective on just how big it is.
Anway, back to the grind tomorrow.

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