Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sacramento Homeowners Beware of Property Tax Reassessment Service Scams!

This morning I attended the Sacramento Association of Realtors Downtown regional meeting, and heard from other agents about a "Property Tax Reassessment Service" scam.

If you receive something in the mail that looks official regarding a fee-based service that promises to lower your Sacramento County property tax assessment - please be aware that this is NOT legit! Do not provide any credit card numbers or private information, or if you have mailed one of these companies a check - cancel it asap!!

The only time period in which you can apply to have your Sacramento County property taxes reassessed starts in the middle of the year and goes through the end of November, and you can submit the request for free yourself!


Anonymous said...

I think the assessor is a scam. It was bad enough to pay WAY too much for my house. I requested a reasonable property assessment and was denied twice by the assessor. Now, I have too keep on paying WAY too much for something of no value. If these companies can help save me money, I will use them.

erin@erinattardi.com said...

These companies are not going to lower your property tax assessment...they will take your money and you will never hear from them again. It is a scam.