Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Property Tax Reassessment

Want to make an appeal to get your property taxes lowered? Starting in mid-May, the Sacramento County Assessor's office will be reviewing property values. Under California tax law per Proposition 8), if the market value of your property falls below the Proposition 13 assessed value as of January 1, the Assessor is required to enroll the lower of the two values.

Download the Sacramento County application, Placer County application, Yolo County application, El Dorado County application, to have your property tax assessment reviewed.

The applications will ask you to provide specific sales in your neighborhood from early this year. Feel free to email me with your address, and I will email you comps for your applications. Hurry! The applications are due by December 1st!!


online estate agent said...

Very interesting post

Anonymous said...

Am hoping to find someone to help me put together a convincing tax reassessment application.