Friday, January 30, 2009

(No) Fun with Liens...

Liens are a headache. This entire week, I went back and forth with a short sale lender regarding liens that were recorded on one of my short sale listings between the time the package was submitted to the lender, and the time the short sale was finally approved.

What type of liens, you ask? Two unpaid utility liens and a Sacramento County property tax lien, totalling about $4,000. Before title can be transferred and title insurance issued, the liens must be paid in full.

Luckily, after several 3-way calls with the title company and lender, lots of faxed documentation, and a couple hours of listening to hold music, I was able to convince the short sale lender to absorb the cost of the liens into the short sale. Phew!...luckily this did not take too long to resolve and it is not going to delay the close of escrow.

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