Monday, May 25, 2020

Required for all listings: COVID19 Prevention Plan for In-Person Property Showings...

Typically when one thinks about real estate regulation, the first agencies that comes to mind are not CalOSHA, nor California Department of Public Health. But here we are in 2020, and the murder hornets are coming to get us, and we live in a new world of trying to maintain social distance and sanitary conditions all around us.

As such, it seems only fitting that OSHA and CDPH dip their toes into real estate, yes? Enter the "COVID19 Prevention Plan for In-Person Property Showings".

A prevention plan is required to be posted at the entry of each listing. And available publicly for each listing online. And anyone entering the property is required to review and sign a copy. Did I mention the property must be disinfected between showings too? And open houses are not allowed?

Good times.

I have come up with a pretty organized system for dealing with these new requirements to minimize hassle and to maintain as safe of an environment as possible. So, we roll through this and hope that the alien invasion that is undoubtedly ahead of us in the fall won't be too bad. Perhaps by then NASA will issue some new real estate regulations too.

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