Monday, August 19, 2019

Backyard chicken rules within the City of Sacramento

I was asked this week if chickens are allowed at residential properties within the City of Sacramento. I have had several clients who live within the city limits who have had chickens. Chickens can be great for laying fresh eggs or as family pets. Thanks to an ordinance that was passed in 2011, the short answer is -- YES -- chickens are allowed, but of course that comes with plenty of rules to follow. For example:

  • Maximum of 3 chickens per parcel
  • No roosters allowed
  • No slaughtering permitted
  • Chickens must be in a coop at all times
  • Chickens must have adequate food, water, and ventilation
There are also several requirements relative to the size and location of the chicken coop. And of course the city also requires a permit and fees.

To read the full list of rules per the City of Sacramento website, click here. And you should inquire directly with the city with any questions.

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