Monday, May 20, 2019

Buyers - you should rekey your newly purchased home!

You just closed escrow and got the keys to your newly purchased home, yay! But who else might have the key too? Even if a seller has turned over all the keys in their possession, you as a new homeowner have no idea if that seller gave a copy of the key to a family member, or a neighbor, contractor doing work at the property, or hid a spare under a rock in the front yard.

Replacing all of the lock hardware in a house can cost a several hundred dollars. Most homes have at least a front door, back door, and door into a garage...three new locksets are expensive! And some homes would need more than three. But there is a much less expensive way.

Some new home owners do not understand that in order to rekey a lock, the entire lock-set does not need to be changed out. A good locksmith can reuse existing locks, reconfigure the inner-workings, and make a new key that fits. 

And scheduling a locksmith to come out, rekey locks and make you copies of new keys is more like $125-$150. This is a small price to pay for added security at your new home.

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