Monday, June 18, 2018

Quoted in a Sacramento Bee article about bay area buyers moving to Sacramento...

I have helped numerous buyers relocate to Sacramento, but one thing is certain -- none of them have been overeager to plunk down a bunch of money on a home here. For some reason there is concern that bay area buyers come to Sacramento with their high tech salaries and recklessly offer more than homes are worth.


All of the bay area transplants I have worked with have been very financially prudent and conservative. I relayed this experience to a Sacramento Bee reporter for an article that ran in this weeks newspaper about bay area home buyers moving to Sacramento. He also interviewed some of my recently closed clients in the article as well. They sold their long-time home in Dublin and paid cash for a cute 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1501sf Antelope home for $339,000, closing just last week. They did so in order to retire a little ahead of schedule. We looked at many homes together before they made any decisions, and before they made an offer we carefully reviewed recent comparable sales so their offer was in line with the market value.

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