Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saw the 'Great American Eclipse' in Salem, Oregon -- in the path of totality...

A year ago my husband asked me if I was doing anything on August 21, 2017...my schedule was free of course. He pitched the idea of visiting Salem, Oregon to see a full solar eclipse in its path of totality. Sure, 'why not' I thought. He and I saw an annular eclipse at its totality in Redding in 2012, which was neat. This would probably also be neat.

Honestly, the annular eclipse from 2012 was cool to check out, but I was not blown away. During an annular eclipse, the moon is further away from the earth and appears smaller from earth, so while it does cover the sun it never blocks the sun completely. A little ring of sun is still visible around the moon, and you still can't look directly at it without blinding yourself. So it looked like a Cheerio through eclipse glasses. Again neat. A lot of people turned out to view it in Redding.

Ok so I figured this full solar eclipse would be neat too. I agreed to go. My husband made all the arrangements, booking our hotel stay a full year in advance.
All I can say is that this full solar eclipse was so far beyond neat. It was definitely one of the most spectacular things I have EVER seen. I was not expecting to be so amazed by it. It was more than worth the hype! Up until the complete "totality" the eclipse could only be viewed using special eclipse glasses...during the totality, it was visible without glasses and was absolutely beautiful - like a glowing, floating orb I don't think I could ever fully describe.

This video does not do the eclipse justice at all, but perhaps my reaction and the crowd's reaction may indicate just how awesome it was. My husband set up his Nikon and captured some images that are better but still don't do it any justice.

With that, bring on 2024 when there will be another one visible in the United States!

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