Monday, July 10, 2017

Be sure to keep your central heating and air conditioning system healthy...

While the temperature on average Sacramento summer days tends to be between the upper-80's and low-90's, a couple times each summer we usually see the weather extend above 100 degrees for a several days or a week straight. Those days I usually crank up the air conditioning, binge watch something on Netflix, head to the movies, or do other indoor activities. Or if you are Nugget, my sweet mini aussie, you might lay directly on the HVAC floor vent to cool down. The LAST thing anyone wants during that hot week is to turn on the air conditioner and find that it is not working.

HVAC maintenance is really important. I highly recommend having your unit(s) professionally serviced at least one per year...and in the meantime there are a couple of DIY things you can do as well.

First, be sure to change your HVAC filter at least every other month -- maybe more often if you notice the filter looks dirty. As more particles are caught in the filter, the more clogged it becomes. If it becomes difficult for the unit to suck air through the filter, you unnecessarily burden your system. Not only will that cost you more in monthly utility bills, but it makes the system work harder and will possibly be more prone to failure. Filters are relatively inexpensive, and I tend to keep a few on hand and replace them as often as I need to.

Second, if you have an outdoor unit as I do - it is important to keep the top and sides free from debris. I have lots of leaves in my backyard and they tend to fall into that top exposed fan area. I use a shop vac to clean them out. Also, try not to stack things on top of's best to allow unrestricted air flow.

Third, whether your interior vents are in the floor or ceiling, occasionally take the vent covers off and clean them out. The vents in my house are on the floor, and they get dusty, dog hair and other small debris gets caught in them, etc. Again we take the shop vac and clean them out and wipe off the vent covers.

Doing these little maintenance items can help make sure that the air flows nicely...

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