Thursday, September 15, 2016

Don't be "That Cross House" -- remove potentially distracting decor when preparing your home for sale...

I have long advocated for staging homes for sale so they show well and buyers can see the home in its most favorable condition...and while you may love your wall of all the crosses you have collected for years, often times this sort of décor is a little distracting to buyers. It may turn some people off if they are not religious, make the room look unnecessarily darker or smaller than it is, or buyers might label your house "that cross house" when referring to it later and forget all of the great things about it. I bring my go-to stager into my upcoming listings before they go onto the market so that she can make recommendations. In this room, she advised the seller to remove the crosses and thin out the furnishings, and pack them up for her future move. She did, and it made a huge difference in the feel of the room. She made similar changes in the rest of the house. And ultimately, this home got 4 offers on it in just a few days on the market, and sold for $10,000 over the listing price. A little strategic preparation can pay off big time.

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