Saturday, January 2, 2016

Be sure your water heater is properly strapped when you sell a home...

While I doubt this water heater would fall over in an earthquake, this is an example of what not to do when strapping a water heater. In California, it is state law to make sure a water heater is seismically strapped at the time of sale.

First, the water heater should be strapped with approved materials...that little metal "plumber's tape" is not acceptable. 

Second, the water heater must be strapped in two locations: the upper third and lower third. The lower strap must be a minimum of 4 inches above the water heater control unit. As you can see, the top strap here is the wrong material and too low, and the lower strap is also the wrong material and closer than 4 inches from the control unit. That middle strapping is the correct material, but is not anchored or wrapped around the unit properly. You can buy a kit at Home Depot or Lowe's with the approved material.

I highly suggest that sellers make sure their water heaters are properly strapped before listing a home. The buyer's home inspector and appraiser will be looking for this to be strapped correctly. If it is not done correctly, it must be modified before a purchase loan can be made on the house.

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