Monday, October 20, 2014

Wanted! (Possibly) your home for one of my buyer clients...

And continuing with my buyer clients "wants and needs" series of blog posts -- here are what some of my buyer clients are looking for...are you (thinking about) selling a home that would meet any of these buyers' needs?

"Buyers A" are very well-qualified pre-approved buyers. I just closed the sale of their home and they are staying with family as they look for their next home. They would like to live in the Arden or Carmichael area as close as possible to the intersection of Watt Avenue and Whitney Avenue. They are looking 3+ bedrooms, and 1.5+ bathrooms, decent closet and storage space, and a 2-car garage. They do not mind something that needs updating. A large side yard or a separate living room and family room would be a plus. Their max purchase price is $260,000.

"Buyer B" is a very well-qualified pre-approved investor buyer seeking a duplex, triplex, or fouplex. He ideally would like a property in the Citrus Heights, Arden, Carmichael, or nearby Sacramento areas. He does not mind a property that needs TLC. He may or may not do a tax deferred 1031 Exchange. His max purchase price is $400,000.

"Buyers C" are very well-qualified pre-approved first time buyers. They ideally would like a newer or remodeled home in Elk Grove or South Sacramento. They would like 3+ bedrooms, and 2+ bathrooms, and 1,400sf or more. A built-in pool is a huge plus. Their max purchase price is $275,000.

"Buyers D" are very well-qualified pre-approved buyers. They ideally would like home in West Sacramento in Ironworks or in Downtown, Midtown, or East Sacramento. They would like 2+ bedrooms, and 1.5+ bathrooms, and 1+car garage. His max purchase price is $400,000.

If you own a home that seems to meet any of this criteria and are thinking about selling (or know someone who is), please contact me -- I may have a buyer for your home! If you need to do a short sale, I can certainly facilitate that as well, and am happy to talk to you to see if we are a good fit to work together.

On another note, I am working with numerous other buyers who are looking for homes in several other Sacramento area neighborhoods -- please contact me if you would like more details, and look for future posts.

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