Friday, August 1, 2014

How to inexpensively update your 1950's bathroom...

As the home improvement party continues on the house my husband and I just bought, I thought I would share what we did to update our hall bathroom. Our Del Paso Manor home was built in 1955, and is pretty original. Our hallway bathroom had a newer vanity, however the walls and floors were bright pink tile, and the bathtub was powder blue. I'm sure in 1955 this was really awesome, but my teenage step-sons who will be primarily using this bathroom were not thrilled with the color scheme.

The existing tile and tub were in excellent shape, so instead of spending thousands of dollars demolishing and remodeling the hall bathroom, we spent about $500 to apply an acrylic color coating over the tile. We chose all white -- however there are other colors to choose from. It really cleaned up the appearance of the bathroom, and after adding a slightly contrasting wall color, a patterned shower curtain, this bathroom looks much improved! We hired a contractor to do this for us, however home improvement stores sell do-it-yourself kits for less than what we spent. We may decide to remodel this more extensively in the future, but this definitely looks great for now.

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