Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Featured on the Sacramento KCRA 3 News about marketing home listings for sale with really great photos...

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or if you watch the KCRA 3 news, you may already know that one of my listings, my seller client, my go-to photographer, and I were profiled in a news story about marketing Sacramento homes for sale.

As a part of my listing services I hire a professional photographer, to take pictures of my listings. Good photos are extremely important in the overall marketing of a home for sale. Proper lighting, good composition, wide angles and high-quality equipment, etc. create really compelling good photos. While I did take a photography course in high school, my photos just don't turn out like a professional's do...and I know that most buyers are looking for homes online -- ideally a buyer will fall in love with my home listing when the view photos online, before they ever see the home in person.

Also, in addition to posting excellent photos, it is important to post A LOT of excellent photos. MLS will allow up to 25 photos, and depending on the size and features of the home, I try to upload as many as possible that highlight all of the great things about the property. Lack of photos will cause most buyers to wonder just what is not being shown, and to think "what's wrong with this house?" We don't want that -- a buyer may not even want to come and look at a house under those circumstances, and may direct their attention to another house...for maximum marketing exposure and as many showings as possible, and (most importantly) the highest sales price to the seller -- lots of excellent photos are critically important.

To view the KCRA news story, click here.

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