Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Want to see if you qualify for any Downpayment Assistance or Grant Programs? Search here...

I am frequently asked by buyers -- what Sacramento downpayment assistance programs or grants are available? Well, that's a loaded question! The short answer is that there are NUMEROUS programs out there. The longer answer is that each program has different qualifying criteria generally based on three main things -- (a) where the home is located, (b) the number of people who will live in the house, and (c) thee total household income. So without knowing a lot about a potential buyer's home and financial situation, it's difficult to give someone a fast answer about the programs available to them.

Thanks to the great folks at the California Association of Realtors, we now have a consolidated directory and search tool for these programs! The California Mortgage Resource Directory will take you through a questionnaire to help you determine what downpayment assistance or grant programs may be available to you.

I did a sample search for one of my Sacramento listings and found a total of six programs available to prospective buyers who qualify! Here is a link to the California Mortgage Resource Directory. Try it!

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