Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to research permit history for a home in the City or County of Sacramento

It seems like every time I list or work with a buyer to purchase a property, folks will ask about the status of permits for past improvements that were completed to a home. Sometimes, just asking the seller to provide copies of permits or other pertinent information will suffice...BUT, if the seller has not owned the house for long (for example, the seller is flipping the house and work may have been performed prior to that owner's purchase, or perhaps they are selling it after inheriting it from a deceased or incapacitated relative), or the seller is a bank who has no knowledge of those types of things, then a little digging may be necessary. There are two great online resources I recommend to my clients -- the City of Sacramento and County of Sacramento websites. Both have online permit archives....keep in mind that older permits may not be archived online, so you may have to visit the City or County offices to get more information, but generally these are great tools that answer most questions in this regard.

City of Sacramento Permit Application Archive

Sacramento County Online Services

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