Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bank of America is conducting a "Borrower Outreach" event in Sacramento -- you MUST register in advance!

Bank of America will be holding a "borrower outreach" event this week at the Sacramento Convention Center starting Thursday, November 17th - and going through Saturday, November 19th. Hours of the event each day are from 8am - 8pm. They are encouraging their borrowers to register online and schedule an "appointment" time rather than just dropping in.

Their goal is to help Sacramento Bank of America mortgage customers who are experiencing hardships to find alternatives to foreclosure -- such as loan modification, short sales, etc.

There is a list of documents you must print from their website and bring with you:
There are also other financial documents they want you to bring:
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Copies of your 2009 and 2010 tax returns
  • Copies of your most two recent bank statements for all accounts
  • A summary of your monthly expenses
  • Recent HOA bill (if applicable)
  • Copies of your most recent two months of paystubs (or profit and loss if self-employed)
  • Copies of your rental lease (if property is tenant occupied)
In order to register for your appointment time for the Sacramento Bank of America Outreach Event, visit the Bank of America Events Registration page on their website by clicking here. If they advise you to consider a short sale as an alternative to foreclosure, I am happy to provide you more information regarding the process and assist you as well.

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