Friday, September 30, 2011

Think your Sacramento County Property Tax Assessment is too high? File a review application with the Sacramento County Assessor's Office...

It's property tax appeal season, and it seems that every day I get at least one call or email from folks looking for assistance to file the necessary paperwork with Sacramento County to have their property tax assessment reviewed -- and ideally lowered under the "Decline in Market Value" provisions of California Proposition 8. That's right! You can request that the Sacramento County Tax Assessor lower the property tax assessment for your home -- which ultimately lowers the amount that you pay in property tax.

The period to file a review request with the Sacramento County Tax Assessor's office started July 2nd, 2011 and goes until November 30, 2011. To find out what your property tax assessment is for tax year 2011-2012, click here.

Residential property owners (single family home, and properties up to 4-units) can file review requests themselves by filling out an application ("Decline-in-Market Value Residential/Agricultural Request for Assessor Review 2011-2012 Assessment Year") and mailing it into the Sacramento County Assessor, Attn: Prop 8 Review, 3701 Power Inn Road, Suite 3000, Sacramento, CA 95826-4329. It can also be faxed to (916) 854-9295.

In your application, you will have to provide sales information for at least 2 properties of similar type and location that sold as close to January 1, 2011 as possible, but no later than March 31, 2011. If you would like this data, feel free to email me at a request and I will send you comparable sales for your application.

The Sacramento County Assessor will not accept request for review applications for commercial and apartment properties during the 2011-12 filing period. For commercial and 5+ unit apartment properties; if you disagree with your assessed value, you must file an “Application for Changed Assessment” with the Assessment Appeals Board.

Sacramento County Assessor Review Application
Placer County Assessor Review Application
Yolo County Assessor Review Application
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Michael Mullin said...

Erin, this is valuable information for Sacramento area home owners! I was in town this weekend and a buddy of mine asked about how to get this done. I told him I knew I'd find a blog post like yours with a quick Google search! We've got the forms and sales data for the comps. The only question we couldn't determine is whether it is a given that he will have to show up in person at a commission hearing. Do all appellants have to attend the hearing or are some just approved based upon the submitted forms? said...

Not at this stage. This is just a request for a review of the current tax assessment. He would not have to appear for a formal hearing at this stage unless the County Assessor does not agree with the information provided. At that point, he could file a formal appeal and appear in front of the county's appeals board. This is a separate process that not conducted by the County Assessor's office, but instead by a process put in place by the CA State Board of Equalization.

Here is a link to an FAQ --

And here is the link to the Sacramento County Appeal Application (different from the application for review that was posted in the body of my blog post) --

Hope that clarifies! =)