Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sacramento Short Sale Extension Saga...Got An Extension!...but the buyer's lender wants more...UGH!

I did the happy dance in my office briefly today! This morning, after multiple phone calls, hair pulling, sleepless nights (yes, I have literally been having nightmares about this short sale transaction), I received a written short sale approval extension for my transaction that was supposed to close on 8/31! WHEW!

So of course, I excitedly emailed it to the buyer's loan officer, buyer's agent, the seller, the escrow officer at Placer Title...this short sale extension is valid through 9/18/09! YAY! Mission accomplished, right?

WRONG. A few hours later, I received a call from the buyer's loan officer that there is one sentence in the short sale approval extension letter that the buyer's lender wants removed before they fund the loan. WHAT? This same sentence was in the original approval! Couldn't you have brought this to my attention BEFORE NOW!???

So, my quest continues. GRRR...

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