Monday, August 24, 2009

Hiring a Sacramento Contractor? The CA Department of Consumer Affairs wants you to "Inquire Before you Hire!"

If you follow me on Twitter, you will already know that late last week I had the pleasure of attending a presentation at the Sacramento Association of Realtors by Carolyn Ballou of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Did you know that there are more than one hundred professions and trades regulated in the state of California.

Why should consumers check the licensing of service providers? When you verify that the company or professional you hire is a licensed, you are assured that they meet the education, training and skill requirements of that profession. You are also assured that the work done will meet California's minimum health and safety standards. If work is not performed in this manner by a licensed individual, the consumer has recourse.

What are the potential consequences of hiring an unlicensed practitioner? These folks generally do not have proper insurance...the consumer could be left with all the liability for a project performed by someone without a license. It is also possible that the person you hire was unable to obtain licensing due to not being able to pass a criminal background check. I could go on...

The main point is that before you hire someone - check their licensing! The CA Department of Consumer Affairs encourages you to visit to check licensing status...

FYI, all Department of Real Estate licensees are now required to put their license number on most of their marketing materials...including their business cards. You can check my license - #01706589 at

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