Monday, June 1, 2009

Sacramento County Parcels Assessed Value Reduction Per Proposition 8 Decline in Market Value

Well, it's June 1...know what that means? That means the Sacramento County Tax Assessor's office has formally re-assessed the tax assessment basis for parcels in Sacramento.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will already know that I learned that the Prop 8 Decline in Value Re-assessed value for my own house has just been reduced by $201,000...that equates to a savings for me of roughly $2,010 per year, or roughly $167.50 per month. WOW. Not that I am stoked that the value of my house has dropped, but I am very that the tax assessment has been substantially lowered.

Visit the Sacramento County Tax Assessor's list of parcels that received a Decline in Value Reassessment. While many properties were reassessed, there are many that were not reassessed. For example on my street, only 4 parcels were reassessed (and there are at least 20 homes on my street). If you disagree with your property's reassessment, or if your property was not reassessed and you think it should be, you can file an appeal. The form will ask you for sales of like kind property from January 2009 (or as close to that date as comps are available), so feel free to email me and I can provide them to you.

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Jennie said...

Thanks so much for your help with this, Erin! Apparently, if I read your blog back in June, I would have been in the know! :-)