Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad boys, bad boys...whatcha gonna do...

You may be thinking to yourself - what is wrong with this picture? That is exactly what crossed my mind as I was driving in a residential Sacramento area neighborhood earlier this week. What you can not see in this photo (which was hastily taken as I drove by), is that sitting in this trailer is a used air conditioning condenser with all of the electrical connections still attached and dangling off the other side.
Even in the nicest, safest neighborhoods, it is not an uncommon crime to have the air conditioning condenser unit stolen...there is valuable copper inside. While it has never happened at one of my own listings, it has happened to properties I have had in contract with buyers. Replacing these units can cost up to several thousand dollars.
In this instance, when I saw this vehicle and noticed some other fishy behavior nearby, I took down the license plate numbers and called the police. They showed up on scene in just a couple minutes. I probably saved some unsuspecting homeowners a load of trouble. Be alert folks! This was happening in broad day light around 10:30am!

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Brandon said...

Seriously, good call to post, I never would have thought about such a thing happening.