Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick in bed...and still reasonably productive...

I am not sure if perhaps I am suffering from a light case of Salmonella, or maybe the windy day we had in Sacramento on Sunday caused some allergies, but I have been sick for the last couple of days. Ugh!

It is surprisingly difficult to concentrate on blog writing with my head in a fog, but I have managed to be reasonably productive. I did reschedule all of my appointments from yesterday and today, but I still managed to work on a few short sale listings.

On Sunday, I submitted an offer for a client on a great house in Carmichael - which was accepted!...and I am happy to report that this particular first-time buyer was able to lock his interest rate on a 30-year fixed FHA loan for 5%!

Today, after a pretty eventful (aka unnessarily chaotic) escrow on a bank-owned property, another client closed escrow on her first home - a really cute house in Citrus Heights! I am making my lone trip of the day from home to go personally deliver the keys to her!

I am hopeful that my two full days of rest will enable me to have a productive Wednesday...and if not, I am sure DayQuil will help me get through!

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