Monday, November 24, 2008

City of Sacramento Rental Housing Inspections...Yep - they are for real!

I blogged about the City of Sacramento's Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance early this year. Since then, I had only heard a few random comments about them from some other Realtors who own rental property within the city limits.

Well...last week, my husband (an electrical contractor in Sacramento), got a frantic call from a lady who owns a duplex in Land Park. She explained that a city inspector had visited her property, and had determined that the main electrical panel was not up to par, there were no GFCI receptacles, there were not enough smoke detectors, there were not enough circuits to accommodate everything, and there were ungrounded 3-pronged receptacles throughout...there were other non-electrical items that I did not mention. The inspector issued a correction notice, and these repairs had to be completed by a certain date, or she faced a stiff fine. YIKES!

So, my husband spent the better part of a week doing the corrective work...the bill for just the electrical was about $5,000 including all labor, materials, permits, and coordination with SMUD and the City of Sacramento.

Landlords within the Sacramento city limits - THIS ORDINANCE IS VERY REAL!

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