Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Garbage Give-Away of Sacramento County

When I was a kid, I remember there was a designated day each year where you could pile your larger trash items out on the front sidewalk, and the county would come and pick it up...well actually, they would come pick up what was left after folks came to scavenge the junk. We called it "The Great Garbage Give Away."

Well now, if you live in Sacramento County, you do not have to wait for a collection crews to be in your neighborhood on a designated date. Sacramento County will provide once-per-year pick-up of your bulky waste by appointment. To schedule a pick-up, call the Sacramento County Waste Management Department at 916-875-5555. Five cubic yards of material, which is a pile about 8'x4'x4', is the maximum that will be accepted. This is also about the size of a pickup truck bed filled even to the top of the cab. Extra material will be picked up for a charge or $25 per 5 cubic yards.

The City of Sacramento still operates designated collection days in most neighborhoods, however some residents are eligible for an appointment program similar the county's program. For information or to schedule an appointment within the City of Sacramento limits, call 916-808-5454.

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