Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sewer Line Inspections in Sacramento

After my long-winded post the other day about Buyer Investigation, Inspections, and Request for Repairs, I received a call and an email from two separate folks asking about sewer lines...coincidentally enough, these people were neither current buyers nor sellers...

For anyone wondering, for sewer camera scoping, I recommend Express Plumbing at 916-488-1215. They are great, really knowledgable, and will show you and explain what the camera sees during the process. They also do outstanding repair work.

Many of Sacramento's older neighborhoods have orangeburg sewer lines...this stuff deteriorates over time, and is prone to collapse and obstruction by things like tree roots. If you are buying a pre-1960's era home in Land Park, Curtis Park, Hollywood Park, Tahoe Park, Downtown or Midtown Sacramento, East Sacramento, Arden Park, Sierra Oaks, Garden of the Gods, Carmichael, Wilhaggin, Del Dayo, etc., and if the home still has its original sewer pipe - it is likely orangeburg, or perhaps another material that has not held up well.

It is well worth the $150 to inspect the line and find out!!If you obtain a home warranty with your home purchase, many home warranty plans exclude coverage of your sewer line.

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