Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SMUD & Sacramento Tree Foundation's FREE Shade Tree Program

My husband and I decided to check out SMUD's (Sacramento Municipal Utilities District) and the Sacramento Tree Foundation's free shade tree program. We were visited by a "Community Forester" today who helped us to determine where we should plant our trees, and what trees to plant. There are about 30 types of Can you believe it - the SMUD shade trees and stakes, ties and fertilizers are delivered to your house within 10 days after the site visit! Looks like we will be planting a few Goldenrain Trees...we have almost a half acre parcel, and these get pretty big. They definitely will provide adequate shade.

If your home has an eastern, western or southern exposure that heats up during the summer, you may be eligible to receive free trees from SMUD. Shade is not the only benefit to planting trees...according to SMUD, tree roots help clean rainwater and add stability to the soil, they produce oxygen and help cleanse the air we breathe, and if properly placed they can cut your home cooling costs by up to 40 percent.

On of the things I like most about my home in the Arden area is all of the mature trees that line our streets...these will make a nice addition to the landscape. To set up an appointment with a Community Forester, click here.

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