Saturday, March 1, 2008

Consumer Real Estate Forums

I read them pretty often. Sometimes I am just plain surprised by the total animosity that some people feel toward real estate professionals. True, there are bad apples on every tree, but there are some really awful generalizations made on some of these forums. I don't wish to repeat them for those who are wondering.

Most times, if I dare to chime in on those forums with my opinion (hoping perhaps to just give a little professional insight from someone who works in the trenches of real estate), I get bashed by angry readers. I recently commented on one forum though, where I was quite surprised to not get bashed, and was actually thanked for sharing my thoughts.

People are entitled to their opinions, both positive and negative. Not all agents are scum! There are some who are unpleasant to deal with, unprofessional, and rude...and if you happen to deal with any of them directly - I am sorry and please do not think that is representative of all agents. Trust me, I prefer not to deal with those types of agents too.

Also, not all agents are "Realtors." Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors, and we adhere to a code of ethics among other things. The term Realtor among consumers is often a misnomer for all agents...

Anyway, I suppose the point of this post is basically to say that not all agents are created equal. My apologies to all those who happen to find a bad apple.

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