Wednesday, November 14, 2007

October Inventory Stats

Last month around this time I published inventory charts for Sacramento County. Good news: inventory went down last month. I can tell you from my own personal experience that at the same time listing inventory is decreasing, buyer interest has been increasing. In the last two weeks alone, I have had 4 buyers that I met in one way or another get pre-qualified for purchases. I found one of these buyers their dream home already at a great price and great terms, and they are set to close escrow next week! So - we went from having 15 months of inventory in September, to 13.4 months of inventory in October. Still definitely a buyers market, but nice to see a change for the better amongst all the mass media doom and gloom! Keep in mind as always, this is Sacramento County as a whole, and there are areas with much lower levels of inventory (like East Sac around 4.4 months), and areas with much higher inventory (like Meadowview with 23.7 months)...happy house hunting!

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