Monday, July 9, 2007

Home site with a history

A single-family home is proposed at the site of the former governor's mansion in Carmichael. The house would occupy 0.4 acres on the 11-acre site near Ancil Hoffman Golf Course. Owner Sigmund Zygelman, a Sacramento businessman, said he plans to live in the two-story home with his family and chose the site because of its location.

"It's a very nice, quiet area," Zygelman said. The state bought the site in 1970 to build the official residence of the governor. The site, at the southeast end of California and Oak avenues, eventually became known as "La Casa de los Gobernadores," even though no governor ever lived there. In 1984, the state sold the property to Carmichael developer Matt Franich, who subdivided the property into several lots.

The sprawling former governor's mansion and a single-family home occupy the site. County planning officials also approved two other single-family homes, which have not been built. Zygelman purchased the property in December and submitted his application in March. The project requires the Board of Supervisors' approval. It will go before the Carmichael-Old Foothill Farms Community Council in September or October for recommendations, said Ione DeMorales, a county planner. She said a staff report should be ready by the end of July. Jacob Mesika, Zygelman's builder, said the new house would be about 5,000 square feet. It would be constructed in a French country style, with earth-tone colors and an acrylic stucco exterior to conform to zoning for the area, he said. The project cost is estimated at $1 million. Like many, Zygelman says he is amused by the name and history of the site.

The governor's mansion in Carmichael was built in the mid- 1970s for Gov. Ronald Reagan, who left office during its construction. His successor, Jerry Brown, refused to live there. Some residents say the site isn't convenient, since it is about 10 miles from the Capitol. "For whatever reason, no governor has ever lived there, so I do find that kind of amusing," Zygelman said.


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