Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ask Erin: Mortgage Fraud...

Ok - so I have to one really asked me specifically about Mortgage Fraud. Having said that, I get approached by people all the time who have been promised shady things by loan officers, other real estate professionals, get-rich-quick property flipping seminars, and lord only know who else, and they want me to "help" them.

People - I hate to be the one to break this to ya'll, but scams like cash back at the close of escrow, taking excessive credits, falsifying your income, forging documents, having your mentally incompetent grandmother co-sign your loan, etc. are not kosher!

I would be happy to share with you the correct way to transact real estate, and re-align your expectations if you have been misinformed. But please do not ask me to do anything are asking the wrong agent! I happen to be very fond of my real estate license!!


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