Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lender Loss Mitigation Contact Info

Over the last 18 months I have successfully negotiated several short sales for my clients...I have been keeping a spreadsheet with all of the lender loss mitigation contact information. Not sure how current all of this information is (these numbers seem to change all the time), but if you are trying to get in touch with your mortgage company's loss mitigation department (sometimes referred to as HOPE Department, Work-Out Department, Short Sale Department, etc. - it's different at each lender), here are some additional numbers to try.

American Servicing Company 866-480-5004
Bank of America 800-846-2222
Carrington Mortgage Services 800-790-9502
Chase 800-446-8939
CitiMortgage 866-357-0615
Comerica 800-437-5822
Countrywide 866-880-1232
Downey Savings & Loan Association 1-800-824-6902
EMC 866-275-6095
GMAC 800-627-0128
HFC / Beneficial Finance 800-333-5848
Homecomings Financial 800-206-2901
HomEq Servicing 800-414-0969
HSBC 888-648-3124
Option One Mortgage 888- 275-2648
PHH Mortgage Services 800-750-2518
Suntrust Mortgage 800-443-1032
Taylor, Bean & Whittaker 800-530-2602
U.S. Bank 800-365-7772
Wachovia 800-282-3451
Washington Mutual 866-926-8937
Wells Fargo Bank 800-678-7986
Wilshire Credit Corporation 888-952-7339

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